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Elevate Healthcare Delivery With Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Medical Software Integration

We build turnkey, HIPAA-compliant medical software helping accelerate the shift from volume- to value-based care. Optimize the processes and digitalize the paperwork.

Medical Solutions for Patients

We use best practices to create secure and intuitive applications to help you transform care and increase patients’ awareness of their health.

Medical Portals

  • Treatment plans

  • Appointment scheduling

  • PHRs

  • Medical history

  • Patient lab data

  • Notifications and reminders

Patient Apps

  • Patient activity tracking

  • Vitals monitoring

  • Apple Health Integration

Medical Solutions for Clinics

Our medical software development company builds overarching healthcare software that improves your operational efficiency and physician performance.


  • EHR and EMR

  • PHM

  • Medication tracking

  • Data exchange and interoperability


  • Lab and inventory management

  • Finance and Billing Integration

  • System Monitoring

  • Data Warehousing

  • Analytics & Custom Reports

System Integration



Set out to battle healthcare interoperability issues, Linkworks pulls together siloed systems and devices into one manageable ecosystem to help doctors aggregate PHI and other vital data for enhanced teamwork and decision-making. We can easily integrate any third-party system with our custom healthcare software solution.

Integration PM
Why Linkworks


Integration calls for people with more than just raw technical skill. Effective consultants must also have an ability to communicate effectively with all parties involved in the integration process.


Choosing Linkworks as your integration partner improves testing quality and reduces risk that might affect your project. Our integration project management methodology involves:


  • Development and/or validation of your strategic-integration plan

  • Development of sub-projects and associated objectives to fulfill the plan

  • Planning, scheduling and controlling integration activities

  • Leading, coordinating and facilitating all integration resources

  • Managing risk within the integration team to ensure contingency planning

  • Managing projects within the established scope, schedule and budget

  • Implementing change-management methodology


Interface and Interoperability 

Thanks to our proven experience, Linkworks ensures your data is accurate and that the transfer is streamlined to each and every ancillary system. Our integration-project resources apply our proven project methodology to assure that your interfaces are designed and tested effectively.


Our interface and interoperability services include:


  • Integration Project Management

  • Specification Review and Clarification

  • Interface Assessments

  • Interface Design and Implementation

  • Interface Test Plan Design and Execution

  • Documentation and Training

  • Interface Monitoring and Support Agreements


Proactive Approach

Creative, problem solving, proactive, collaborative approach.  We believe in trust and relationships, dialog and collaboration. We discuss issues openly and look for solutions together with our clients. Give us a problem or idea and we’ll come back with a solution and a plan and drive it to completion.

Flexibility & Client Orientation

We approach each client individually unlike bigger bureaucratic companies. We are flexible in our cooperation terms and are ready to adjust to your needs. Tell us about your goals and constraints and we’ll find an optimal solution together. We solve issues as partners and build long term relationships.

Extensive Startup Experience

We pride ourselves on having helped multiple promising health tech startups and innovative health technology companies take their products from idea to live and transform the future of care delivery all over the world. Get on a call with our team and we will come up with a plan on how to address your specific project

Cutting Edge Technology

Our engineers are proficient with all the latest cutting-edge technology and development practices. Solving healthcare IT challenges requires working with a diverse, cutting-edge technology stack. Web and mobile. We can help you elaborate your rough idea into a professional requirements specification.

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